Saturday, November 9, 2013

Moving On

Sometimes moving on and breaking up is quite difficult.  I tend to give people chances, wait, and hope things will get better.  I see only the good and not the bad.  I remember all the positive times and not the negatives.

But Thursday, I made the plunge and broke up.

With my farrier.

I had a different one out on Thursday morning to work on the girls.  The previous farrier wasn't bad.  He was pretty good with the horses and chatty sort of fellow, but as time progressed, I became a little more unhappy and dissatisfied.  I began to question if my horses were really sore because of the summer and the angulation that I was seeing was really their conformation. 

After all, being a photo junky, I have at least a thousand photos of my horses.  My husband would say at least two thousand.  Too bad, they aren't all high quality pictures.  

My husband asks what's the point of this picture.  I don't really have an answer.  I just like pictures.

I digress.  I took the plunge and signed on with a different farrier.  I don't subscribe to radical thoughts of pretty much anything and this is no different.

This new farrier is female, which makes no difference to me, but what does make a difference is her desire for knowledge and education.  I am pretty much a knowledge junkie.  I need to know why something is good or bad.  I want to be able to apply what I know about physics and angles. I'd like someone to tell me how to improve my knowledge in order to benefit my horses.

So, so far so good.  I am looking forward to taking some more photos and seeing how their feet progress in the next month or two.

I rode the semi feral mare tonight and she was pretty good.  No tripping, which shows a positive sign for her angles on her hind feet.  When her toes weren't rolled off in the past few years, I'd occasionally have issues with her stumbling and tripping.  While she does have hock arthritis issues and injections do help, a good trim job seems just as important.  The last weapon in my arsenal with a sore hocked horse is the back on track boots too.  So if anyone has similar issues, feel free to see if any of these changes will benefit your sassy (or not so sassy) equine.

So while, this immediate change is a little uneasy for me, as I am not a fan of creating new relationships (comes with the whole introverted thing, I'm sure!), I am hopeful that it will be a good solid relationship for the future. 

How about you guys?  Easy to move onto a new professional?  Worried about change?


  1. It is difficult moving on to a new professional. I switched vets a couple times because one was way too expensive and never available and the next one was downright rude. I like the vet I have now for Shy. But is can be awkward, especially in a boarding situation where you are bound to see them again. I hope the new farrier works out for you.

  2. Change always worries me, even if it needs to happen, as 2013 has prove a lot of things keep changing.

  3. I've honestly not had much trouble moving on to a new pro (trainer, farrier, vet, etc.). I wasn't getting what I wanted so I found someone who would. I know that sounds simple, but I'm a paying customer -- if the service someone provides isn't what I want, then I go somewhere else to buy it.


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