Tuesday, November 26, 2013

A Little Freedom

I am working a crazy week again.  Go figure right.  Including two different jobs on Thanksgiving.  The shift this week is the 4 AM shift which is not spectacular because of the whole 4 AM part, but the good part is getting to leave while it is daylight out.

I went ahead and beat the crazy traffic and went out to the barn.  :)  

The semi feral mare was pretty good.  A lot of trot work and a few canter circles.  She didn't even sweat, which is good because I don't relish the thought of drying off a wet hairy horse with an arctic type windchill out there.  We even had a few strides of a good balanced canter to the right, so I called it quits on that and just went back to the walk for a while, asking her to relax and not be so uptight. 

She must have been tired enough or finally catching onto the idea that my goal isn't to snatch her in the face every forty-five seconds, because she relaxed down and seemed to enjoy waddling along like a bloated walrus.  OK, she was actually moving like a very elegant, winter weight walrus, but still progress.

I bundled her back up and tossed her back outside to the wolves--err--wind and cold.

I wanted to spend a few minutes with the filly too.  We've been taking it easy for the most part.  I need to still schedule an appointment to pull her wolf teeth, but haven't gotten around to that.  She has so many changes in her mouth lately, that I don't really want to bit her up yet...so we usually just lunge a little and play around with halter type things.

Tonight, I let her have her freedom instead.  Sort of, anyway. 

We are able to turn horses loose in the arena when it isn't in use and the horses certainly seem to enjoy it.  

The filly looked more than feral tonight out there.  Bucking and having a good time. It was nice to see her moving freely without interference (lunge line), since she tends to be a little lazy on the lunge.  She is finally growing up I think.

She blew off enough steam and was happy to come back down to earth for a while.  I think it can be hard on the horses to not be able to enjoy good footing or do a whole lot while it is so muddy, icy, and miserable outside.  Right now we don't have enough snow to cushion the frozen mud, so it's just an invitation for sore and bruised feet.  :(

The filly seemed happy enough to come and say hello when I asked her to come over.  She then decided to stand up in hopes of a treat.

So hungry.  See, I'm already chewing with anticipation.

Such an abused little animal, isn't she?

Too bad, she's taken to sleeping in the show ring.  At least that should be more beneficial undersaddle.

How about you guys?  Can you turn horses out loose in an arena or on good footing when the weather is bad?  I've never boarded at a barn where it wasn't permitted, but was surprised reading online that so many places, it's strictly banned.  

The poor little filly would be so very sad under those circumstances I think!


  1. At my first barn, we could turn the horses out in the arena. . .in fact that was often the only time they would get out of their stall in winter, when there was a 10% chance of rain. . .basically, the reason I left. My second barn, I pasture boarded Shy, but turn out in the arena was not allowed. Didn't really matter to me there. I really liked that place, 15 acres of sand, grass, and woods to roam. Sad that I had to leave due to financial reasons. I am also enjoying my friend's barn, but there is no arena.

    1. Do you have good weather at least? I couldn't imagine not having an arena or at least a good outdoor arena with all weather footing since it's winter or seems like winter for 6+ months :)

  2. I just moved Goose to a barn where it is allowed! Not that he has gotten the pleasure yet, but he will later this week. He is in pasture, and when the weather is really bad she will bring them into the indoor overnight if there isn't pens open (pasture has a shed, but the mares hog it so she takes pity on the boys, not to mention if it's whiteout for awhile she doesn't want to hike out to check on them in the trees). So the space itself, isn't so exciting, but I think I will end up letting him loose in there after rides to roll and eat his grain. It's rubber footing so he won't get so dirty!

    1. Lucky Goose to have such a good person looking after him! I've never ridden on rubber footing. Do you enjoy it?

  3. I hope you get some time to breath and be calm over the weekend (totally feeling the crazy frazzled work week this week.)

    1. I hope your week calms down too chica!

      At least I'll be making some money this way, but some time off would be cool too. I am used to crazy, but I am a little too sleep deprived from the major switches!

      One day I will learn what working an eight hour shift is like. Maybe. :)


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