Friday, August 26, 2016

Things I Learned from Facebook

My husband says that I have a Facebook problem

This may be true.  His point is that when I see stupidity on Facebook, I have a hard time walking away.

So the other night, I just couldn't get past the evolution of a conversation on a Facebook group.

It started innocently enough on a group focused at Arabian Breeding Stallions

"At what age do you begin standing a stallion"

Such reasonable responses followed such as
  • After he is proven undersaddle
  • Around the age of 4-5
  • When his manners are firmly instilled
  • When he has been shown/has a job

    Then it took on a life of its own.  I had no idea that some people took offense to the above statements.  Here are some things that I learned from that conversation.
  • If the stallion never goes off property, he does not need to be trained
  • It is better to start breeding younger in order to recoup money
  • Breeding horses younger makes sense for futurities (I don't get this one.  I bred a horse for a halter futurity, but I'd rather use a proven stallion rather than a two year old)
  • The show ring is abuse/rigged/judges are corrupt, therefore don't bother showing
  • My favorite was that an old horseman said that two year olds should breed at least 10 ordinary scrub mares to see what they produce.  Based on this production, then the better ones should be stallions and the others gelded.  (My thought: How many horses have to be produced that way?  Must be on large acreage because it isn't cheap to support them any other fashion!)

    Anyone else love to be a Facebook warrior?  What say you about what qualities, age, or such that a stallion should have before breeding?


Please leave a comment if you like. I love hearing from readers and would like to know that I am not always talking to myself. ;)