Monday, August 29, 2016

Setting Sun

In typical Midwest fashion, it has been humid enough to make my curly hair resemble a raccoon's tail instead of just hair.

I pushed off going to the barn until the heat broke a little bit, but then I realized I only had about forty minutes until the sun set.  I hate the end of summer and how the sun begins to set again so early.

I tacked up quickly, hopped on Chili, established that I mostly had steering and brakes and headed back onto the little trails behind the barn.  She was energetic.  She'd had a few days off, is on a new blend of feed which is higher energy, and was recently treated with ulcergard.  I think she feels good.

But despite this, she was good.  We took a couple moments to traverse the Giant Puddle of Doom, which in the setting sun looked more like the Swamp of Sadness with Atreyu and Artax.  If you haven't seen The Neverending Story, watch it and then you'll get the reference.

Swamp of Sadness

There were several deer out and about.  I am not sure she saw the first one, but we saw two others while we were traversing the narrower, muddy parts down off the main driving path.  She hesitated for a moment and we stood together, watching them leap off, white tails flagging. 

I am happy to take the freeze and watch the deer actions any day over some horses I've ridden that have an absolute meltdown over wildlife.  I wouldn't say Chili is impervious to random critters leaping out, but my goal is to slowly build up her confidence and feel like she can move towards these animals, chasing them out if you will.

We have also started practicing some long trotting on the trails, now that our walking isn't looking like a drunkfest outside the local bar.  I have found that the long trotting has done a lot of good to trying to loosen her tight back. 

No ride today as I am not feeling well, but clipping for the show this weekend is on tomorrow's agenda.  Wish us luck.

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  1. That scene in the never ending story (or rather what came next) scarred me for life as a child. I cannot rewatch that film as i know that scene is in it/happens & it kills me 😢😢
    That and the opening sequence in the horse whisperer *shudders* forget horror flicks, them scenes are what nightmares are made of!

    Sorry gone off topic, love a horse that freezes (Nancy) versus the fiery reaction (Kika...well she's fiery when messing but she does freeze when legit scared so I don't actually mind when she is legit wary but cannot abide her messing when pretend scared!


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