Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Of Love and Loss

This month has been a tough month for my friends.

I am blessed to be so involved with wonderful horses in my life.  I have occasionally discussed the rescued mare Love and how an incredible group of people banded together to give her another chance.

Love, January 2015

Love was beautiful.  Love was kind.

She took care of me.  My first blue ribbon under saddle

Thursday was a rough day.  Love had been battling a significant tendon injury in a front leg.  She ended up injuring the other tendon, resulting in a high bow.

She had been a marvelous show horse.  I think she had been to more states than I had.  But, those miles had caught up to her.

The Cushings caught up to her.

And it sucked.

When horses no longer have a leg to stand on, what is the logical choice?  She wasn't comfortable.  Her owner and I fed her so many cookies and tried to be brave.

Friday was a rough day at work.  I didn't sleep well Thursday night as I failed to deal with my emotions.  I typically work second shift, but had switched for a 7 AM shift on Friday. 

How do you explain the loss of such a good friend?  She was no longer mine, but still owned a piece of my heart.

Those that have never been truly owned by a pet don't understand I think.

Finally now, I am moving on.  I am not sure how long it will take before my heart stops aching.  It hurts. 

Maybe it will always hurt, but I am grateful that I met Love.  I am grateful for the incredible group of friends that helped save her.  It was worth this heartache.

The last photo I took of her last month


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