Wednesday, August 17, 2016


I work in a hospital.  I have seen lymphoma in a blood smear quite a few times.

But horses is different.  Colic I understand.  Lameness I understand.  Lymphoma?

Lymphoma took another friend from me a few weeks ago.  I also didn't call this beautiful, majestic boy my own, but I was fortunate that he permitted me to be within his space.

He had some rough moments in his past.  He guarded his affections.  He was a very polite stallion, but constantly worried about the actions of the people within his vicinity.

I made it a point each time I saw him to try and say hello.  Give him a cookie.  Have him try and approach me for it instead of having him gingerly eye me from the corner of the stall or paddock. 

I listened to him.  My last visit was trying to find where he wanted to be scratched. Nacho was perplexed.  I was scratching, but he was worried about having a response.  I could see his lip wiggle.  An ear flicked.  I found the small tuft of mane at the the top of his wither and he was more effusive in his delight.

 His illness was quick.  I don't think he suffered.  He had originally presented with ambiguous colic like symptoms on Sunday.  Veterinary treatment didn't resolve his lack of appetite or desire to drink.  

His owner is an incredible horsewoman who works tirelessly to ensure the comfort of her horses.  I think she made the right choice.  By Friday, he had lost his spark.  Euthanasia is a "good death".

After working in the veterinary field, I have always thought it was always better a minute too early than a day too late.  I hated seeing the look of despair on pets that were so far gone that there was no resemblance of who they once were. 

I am grateful that his owner knows this. 

So I will carry these memories of Nacho.  My dancer, my little Andalusian. 

Thank you Nacho for letting me into your trust.  I learned a lot and for that I am grateful. 


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