Monday, August 22, 2016

Down Center Line

For anyone that historically followed my blog before the Great Disappearance of 2015, there are a few established things.
1.  The horse that I am currently riding and showing is one I bred.  Subsequently, our riding and training can be iffy.  ;)
2.  I am a chicken shit when it comes to trailering my own horse.  Makes me nervous and I am new to the whole driving large vehicles things. 
3.  I can't hear worth two dead fig newtons.  OK, maybe better than one fig newton.  However, this sometimes presents some interesting scenarios in the show ring.

4.  My sense of humor is a little distorted.  Sorry.  I kind of do things in my typical semi feral way.

Now I decided I wanted to do a local dressage schooling show.  This isn't a major event as it is less than 20 minutes from barn to barn.  It's a schooling show.  It's a benefit show.

Except, it involves you know, hooking up the trailer, stuffing said horse in trailer, and then showing without an appropriate number of friends hand holding. 

The good thing about showing on my breed circuit is that I know quite a few people.  Some people make my skin crawl, but the vast majority are good.  There is a large group of people in my area that are amateur-owner-and-trainers, ie showing self trained horse, so I fit in perfectly.  It provides a good amount of people to provide moral support, help braid, and make sure my half deaf and half show stupid self ends up in the right ring at the right time.

Well, I signed up for this schooling show without too much thought.  My main friends of support were working.  Fortunately, I found a fantastic friend that gave up her Sunday to be an awesome pillar of support.

Bonus is that she also can help hook up and navigate a truck and trailer.  Girl power, everyone.

So enough of my problems.  Who wants to hear about problems?

The long and short is that we survived.  Chili was good.  I have navigator problems.  I also have geometry problems.  Minus two for going a little off pattern.  Oh dear.

Chestnut mares in flaming heat also sometimes strongly object to too much leg for canter departures.  The judge kindly noted "exploded into canter".  Well, you know.. :)

However, our second test which was Training level was much better.  I still have geometry issues, but we did get some nice "7s" and a good square halt.  I always love it when my horses stop well. 

Perhaps more details on the show another day.  But if you are like me and have irrational fears that have held you back, then consider this.  It's never too late to keep pushing the comfort zone.  Progress will be made, slowly, and in increments if done correctly.
Ribbon!  We actually finished 3rd & 4th.  Middle of the pack for both tests.
What fears are you working on?  Have you made steps to move past them this year?


Please leave a comment if you like. I love hearing from readers and would like to know that I am not always talking to myself. ;)