Friday, August 15, 2014


I have spoken briefly in this blog about Alex, a horse I originally purchased with a friend from auction.  He has been living the life as a camp horse for almost a decade now.  

Well, a while back I heard that the camp was possibly looking for a new home for Alex.  Alex has been a harder keeper the past few winters and the camp isn't very well set up for special needs as the horses are all rough boarded and fed free choice hay in the winter.

So, long story short, is that my friend runs a therapeutic riding facility and she has a soft spot for Arabians as most of her horses are part-Arabian....

So I think Alex won the jackpot today.

New cozy stall.  Dental work coming soon.  Chiropractic work and some more saddle fitting adventures.  He is twenty-five now and his prominent withers and little sway doesn't make it the easiest thing to saddle fit.

But in the end, my heart is happy.  It was worth the road trip today and I am glad when all organizations (camp and the therapy place) worked together to make sure a special horse landed in a new home where he will continue to make children happy and delighted. 

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  1. Yay, fab photo!
    Love a happy ending ☺

  2. That is awesome! Lucky Alex! At the therapeutic riding center where I volunteered they just used bareback pads for the kids on the hard to fit horses. Would that be an option? They didn't have stirrups but they had a strap they could hold on to and the sidewalkers were always there of course. It actually made it easier for them to do the backwards stuff and the around the world exercise.


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