Saturday, August 9, 2014

Out and About

Another couple busy days!

Yesterday, I had breakfast with my mother in law about an hour away and then met up with another friend (also a distance away) for lunch.

While chatting after lunch with her, a former boarder of hers stopped in with a bunch of tack for somehow I came home with a new (to me) english bridle, a Herm Sprenger bit, and a squishy gel seat cover.

I also have on loan about three or four saddle pads and an (even wider) English saddle to fit that hippopotamus shaped grey mare.  I have an older County that used to mostly fit, however, this summer has been good to the SFM in the way of caloric intake, so it seems like this other saddle will do the short term trick.

I managed to ride both horses yesterday and today!  Holy smokes.  I did a bit of canter work yesterday with the mare working on trying to "pick" my spot and mentally prepare myself and my body to "pre-cue" then cue and pick up the lead at that precise spot. 

I need a little bit more finesse as I do have a tendency to tighten my body and hold my seat a bit stiffer ride during the asking part, which doesn't exactly work.  ;) 

Today's work with the mare involved trying to hold two point.  Yes, out of shape.  I could hold two point for approximately thirty-five and a half seconds.  That half second is pretty critical to separating me from being totally inept, you know?  ;)

The filly was good both days.  Yesterday we just wandered around the arena a bit and did some trotting over a ground pole.

Today we went outside on a little mini trail ride.  She was very good and seemed happy to be out and about.  I need to find more good solid horses and people willing to go out with us.  I think she is going to turn out to be a really happy and dependable trail horse.  She certainly seems to enjoy doing a variety of things.

The filly got a bath in which she spent most of her time trying to trim the foliage on the other side.  OK, that works I guess.

One last picture for today: myself on the filly.  She needs to fill out a bit more.  I know she looks a bit small here, but she is getting to be good size for a little Arab, but just needs a bit more hippo-like mass from her dam!  Maybe if I wasn't about six feet tall that would help too.  ;)


  1. Congrats on new to you tack haul, you made out like a bandit. Fab finds there ☺

    So glad to hear all is going well with both girls & they look fab as always in the pictures. Thanks for sharing them with us

    1. LOL, good thing it's all used tack right? ;) It isn't quite as bad as buying new...

  2. Oh man, you really made out like a bandit with all your fancy new tack!!

  3. haha we should switch horses, you are so tall on a little arab and I'm little on a big horse.

  4. Hahha, I actually get a little nervous on the big guys! If you end up in the Midwest, you can take a little Arab for a spin, but she is super slick like a little sports car. :)

    I just want her to fill out and be a little wider like mom so I don't look quite as goofy! Maybe when her front end catches up to her butt, she will.

  5. She will fill out! Chrome didn't really fill out until almost five. That extra width is important when you're almost six feet tall (I am too)!! I love the pictures. Sorry I got so behind on reading your blog. I'm in the process of trying to get caught up on everything I missed. :)


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