Monday, August 11, 2014

Birthday Surprise

Yesterday was my birthday and I worked, which is pretty typical.  However, I did have a fun birthday surprise when I came home today.

Two birthday cards from my grandmothers.  How did they know these are my favorite kind of horses?  ;)

My husband also made me a horse shoe pot rack holder.  Hopefully we will be able to install it above the sink shortly and I can take photos once it's up and running.

However, the basic gist is that I collected a bunch of horse shoes from my cool farrier, which he painted, welded and assembled into a pot rack shaped formation.  He's certainly more creative than I am.  :)

Anyone else has creative or crafty people in their families?


  1. Gorgeous cards & that pot holder sounds fab - i really want some unique horse related items in my flat when I'm ready to move in. I shall get on to my handy uncle for a similar idea and hope he can sort me out with some cool unique things. Thanks for the inspiration :D

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY LADY - love the cards :)

  2. Happy belated birthday!!! That pot rack sounds so cool!!!!!! I love your birthday cards too.


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