Monday, August 25, 2014

Memory Monday: The Buck Stops Here

Random throwback picture of the SFF as a yearling (two years ago)

This memory monday was quite some time ago and of course, as I get older, the details fade.  I was still in high school and was working at the summer camp.  Traditionally, both the kids and staff were assigned to ride a certain horse for the week.  If a horse was injured or was sore, some horses could be shuffled around to make sure everyone was covered.

This particular morning, my usual steed had been commandeered by someone else.  I looked across to view my remaining selections.

Not much.


I was also running out of time, so I had the hard choice between a very arthritic, ancient Quarter Horse gelding or a tall, 16.2hh Palomino gelding.  I chose the big guy since my group of kids were going to be doing some more trot & canter work and I thought it would be nicer than working the old gelding too hard.

I managed to belly up on the big gelding bareback and caught up with my group that was getting ready to head out.  The palomino felt fine as we meandered out.  He had some time off as he had some off and on soundness issues, so I was a little concerned for his behalf, but he seemed fine.

The lessons in the field went well.  Capture the flag, discussing canter leads, a mini trail ride were all part of the adventure.  I was cantering back when the gelding's head dropped between his knees.


Now, I have dealt with a lot of stupid horse behavior, but not so many buckers.  I really didn't have much of a clue how to push one through it.  Rearing, sure.  Bolting, adept.  Spooking, second nature.  Bucking=??

So, it was easily determined in the 2.3 seconds I had to think about it that my steed was bucking.  No saddle though.  This was a big horse in a hilly field.  It was probably going to hurt.

Another friend was nearby on her horse and I remember my desperate plea:  "What should I do?"

I'm not sure what my exact logic was in asking someone else, since I obviously had more immediate goals at the moment.  I remember pushing myself off of his mane and back onto his back for a few follow up bucks and then he settled down without a further peep.

At the end of our ride, I dismounted and ended up laughing as I picked the long white hairs off of my pants.  I literally had stayed on by the seat of my pants.

How about you guys?  Do you remember some of your first encounters with misbehavior in your horses?  How did you handle the situation? 


  1. The first major misbehavior with a horse i dealt with I was 14 and I screamed. I mean I had fallen and been bucked off the 3 years prior but all that stuff happened so fast, this was a kicking and whirling and yeah... I screamed lol

  2. I remember the first time I got bucked off my mare... luckily I was about fourteen and she was only fourteen hands tall so it wasn't a long fall and I bounced lol. I was riding bareback in a halter and rope, but I was staying close to the barn because she was extremely barn sour. My friend grabbed the rope and started leading her away from the barn. I told her not to because of the barn sourness, but she ignored me. Then I told her not to let go of the rope and again she ignored me. When she let go my mare spun around and galloped to the barn, bucking all the way. I think I sat two or three bucks and then I was catapulted over her head. Then she stepped on me as she kept going (just my thigh, I was fine, in fast she might have just kicked it and not actually stepped down). I was so pissed at my friend for ignoring me!! To this day I have no clue why I didn't just jump off before my friend let go of the rope. Probably because I didn't think she would let her go. Oh well, live and learn... don't trust teenagers!!!


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