Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Things I Love About My Horses

Most horses have quirks which may be fun, annoying, dangerous, or endearing.

I was just reflecting tonight on a few things that I love about my horses.

The Mare

1. Loves to talk while waiting for her food.  She just starts and keeps chattering until she gets what she wants.
2. I love how she takes delicate bites of apples, carrots, etc.  She'll wait until I break the small dainty chunk off into her teeth.
3. How "showy" she is.  It's easy to just turn her loose and she puffs up and goes.  Makes it easy to take pictures, hah.  Can you tell I have enough of them?
4. How easy to tell how she is feeling.  She is pretty much an open book.
5.  I just like watching her trot.  Wee.
6. Her eyes.  She just has these big bug eyes.  

The Filly

1. She is a little obsessed with having her neck brushed and itched.  She just keeps leaning and I'm sure one day she will fall over.
2. How she will leave eating in the field to come over and say hello.
 3. She has little "kissy spots" on her lips.  I know, a physical characteristic again.  Call me shallow.
4. How calm she is at a show.  I suppose that's why she isn't such a lively halter horse.  She'd rather lick the walls than look exhuberant, but a good sign for my future show horse. ;)
5.  She likes to eat Peeps.  Awesome horse.  Anyone who eats Peeps is a winner in my book.
6. Her tail has like three colors.  I keep wondering if she will just pick one and stick with it.

Look at the awesome tail

Such adorable eyes 

So what do you love about your horses?  :) 


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  1. I love my horse's tail too! Chestnuts have the prettiest colors to their tails, I think. Miles' is really dark underneath, which I think is pretty cool :)


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