Thursday, October 10, 2013

On This Day

On this day in 1991, a postal worker by the name of Joseph Harris went postal and killed two former co-workers after having killed his supervisor and fiancee the night before.  Truly, someone that spawned/spread the saying "going postal".

There are moments of insanity that it seems that saying applies, but then not really.  Work is crazy like normal and I wonder what it would be like to have a job where insanity isn't present in every minute.  But at times, I think I would miss it.  There's always something to do and a person never knows what's going to happen next.

After another insane day of work, I went out to the barn.  I worked a bit with the filly in hand.  Tacked her up in the western saddle, but I think I'm just going to stick with the close contact saddle for now.  The western saddle is good for more desensitizing work, but I'd need to find a pony sized girth to ever expect her to ride in that thing and number two, I think it wouldn't as comfortable on her.  Spoiled little filly will go back into the close contact complete with merino half pad and back on track pad.  Might as well start her out right, right?  

I rode the semi feral mare afterwards and she was pretty lazy going to the right.  By the time I started working on left hand things, she was getting tired.  I think she needs a bit more stamina or something.  Hello, Arab, how are you tired?  But when she gets tired, she starts to try and use evasisive tactics instead of being soft and compliant.  Her favorite is to try and pull down, but she usually does it quietly enough that I give her rein.  Bad rider, bad!  Hard to try and correct and force the mare to pick herself back up, but I'm working hard on trying to get better and slowly, but surely I think there's an improvement.

The veterinary chiro is coming out in 12 days to adjust the semi feral mare, so I think that's good.  She tends to be quite uncomfortable in the poll and I imagine that probably doesn't help in some of our work either. 

How about you guys?  Have your horses worked on by chiropractors? 

I'm a big fan of a lot of voodoo things.  It's made a big difference in the horses in my life, but I try and keep an open mind.  I think it can be hard to find the right person or thing to try though!

Have a great Thursday and remember Friday is just around the corner, so next time you think about going postal: don't.  That claim to fame was already taken.

My life is hard and difficult.  I only got two carrots today instead of three.


  1. Chiro isn't voodoo - it works, provided you have a good chiropractor - and there are many bad ones. I'm partial to the ones who are also vets, and member of the American Veterinary Chiropractic Association. I'm fortunate that my chiropractor is also an endocrine/medabolic specialist.

  2. I should say I mean voodoo as tongue in cheek. A friend calls a lot of what I consider alternative therapies, etc as voodoo and we know it works!

    I.e. chiropractor, accupuncture, back on track, even good carrot stretches.

    I do think finding a good practitioner is quite difficult. I've known two and both were DVMs and I think I prefer it that one. One was a specialist in lameness and he told me that most of his chiro horses actually have an underlying lameness or tack fit issue, so he requires horses to have a lameness exam and tack fit session before a chiro session. My current one is super sweet too, but not as hard core on the marathon long session!


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