Thursday, October 17, 2013

One Step Forward, Two Steps Back

It's been one of those weeks.

Lots of good progress being made.  I was getting stronger and more enthusiastic about trying to rebuilt core strength.  My mare was more comfortable carrying herself in a manner more appropriate and less feral looking.

We survived our show.  

And then I decided to do something dumb.  While reaching down at work to pick something up, I realized my shoelace was untied.  So like any normal person, I tied my shoe.

And then realized I threw my back out again.  Over a shoe???

I already had a follow up appointment made with a spine specialist so I will keep waiting I suppose.  But unfortunately, Tylenol doesn't cut through any of the pain, I can't work on muscle relaxants or heavier drugs.

So it's been a frustrating sort of week.  I finally forced myself to go to the barn this evening.  I knew it would be a struggle to get anything done, but at least I did it.  I just ran out of stamina and tolerance after the little red filly.  I got her groomed up, clipped the goat hairs that are growing far too quickly and whacked back the embarrassing mohawk.  Lunged her for a few minutes and called it good.  

Tomorrow, my goal is simple.  Get the mare out and do the same.  I love my horses.  They are such good therapy, but it's sometimes hard to see through the short term (I hope!) pain to get the longer lasting stress relief that they provide.

After having several horse related accidents while younger, my work injury has been far more challenging.  I am not a daring acrobat or work with heavy equipment or anything fancy.  I'm just a scientist looking nerdy in a lab coat.  Go figure that it's far more dangerous to me! 

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