Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Crack A Lackin'

It's amazing how a little horse therapy can help people feel better.

My work can be quite high stress and today was no exception.  I was incredibly frustrated and upset part of the day.  The only plus side was that I was able to leave "early" (after an 8 hour shift ;)   I usually work much longer) since the Semi Feral Mare had a chiropractic appointment scheduled. 

I rushed out, grabbed the mare and just a few minutes of brushing her and watching her enjoy her chiropractic appointment was all that I needed to lower my anxiety and stress.  The mare thoroughly enjoyed herself, licking and chewing.  She has a tendency to have some tension up in her poll especially on the left side, which shows up when we ride, so I was quite pleased to see her happily get adjusted, even if my pocket book was adjusted at the same time.

One happily adjusted mare

I had a few minutes left, so I drug the filly out too for a little time as well.  I convinced her to model her blanket for me.  ;)  Anything for a carrot or two.

And yes, I was lazy.  That was her mother's halter.  Can you tell?  She is such a shrimp she is still in a little pony sized halter. 

So all in all, a successful day.  No riding, but I am starting to feel a little less sore.  Maybe tomorrow.  :)

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