Thursday, October 3, 2013

Sore No More

That's about what I'm thinking right now!   I could use some Sore No More which by the way, I love for using on my horses, but that's a topic for another day!

I decided to go ahead and jump into Viva Carlos' 2 point challenge, especially the part with the situps.  I have mostly modified it to crunches on my exercise ball, since that was an exercise that my physical therapists wanted me to continue since my back injury.  But good grief, my abs are certainly feeling it.  I remember being in high school cranking out a couple hundred situps no problem.  Have I really gotten that far out of shape? 

Apparently so.  No wonder I can't sit and use my core on my horse like I used to. As I continue to expect and ask my horse to do more athletic endeavors, it's only fair that I continue to try and improve my physical fitness as well.  I think most equestrians could use a stronger core.  I, personally am a long, willowy rider with more torso than bottom half which I've been told affects center of gravity and makes some aspects of riding more difficult.  All the more reason to try and strengthen and maintain control I think.

No riding tonight, however.  I rushed out to the barn after a day of crazy work, trying to make the farrier appointment on time.  Fortunately, a superstar of a barn friend held the feral filly and had just caught the semi feral mare when I pulled up.  Certainly makes work easier when I have a work schedule that is so uncontrolled.  Thank goodness for kind people!

The barn owner managed to cut a third cutting of hay off the fields which is great, however, the hay wagons are in the indoor arena, leaving just a small area to lunge in.  So lunge I did.  I just had the mare in the lunging cavesson and side reins and off we went.  She did quite well and isn't trying to suck behind and avoid contact as much as she did in the past, so that's a win I think.

I then decided to drag the filly back out of the fields.  I bought a blanket from Eous to try on her and I  think it'll do.  I'm hoping it works out well since it has a three year guarantee!  I don't know of anyone else that currently has one, so if any readers have input I'd love to hear.

I then decided to actually work the filly for the first time in a week and put the saddle and cavesson on her as well.  She was good and quiet and rather lazy, so she also got the side reins.  My idea right now is to have them rather loose.  As typical of most Arabians, I think it's easier for them to break at the third vertebrae and duck to avoid trying to hold steady.  I'd rather her just have the side reins a bit looser so when she looks like a total duck going around, she finds that restriction.  So far, so good.  :)  She had a few good laps carrying herself rather well and not so lazy, so a win in my book.  No use harassing the baby much longer.

But I couldn't help myself.

So I drug her over to the mounting block and reminded her that she is supposed to stay standing next to it and not on top of it like me.  Sometimes she has a hard time making that distinction.  Then we just worked on basic baby stuff.  Leaning on the saddle, rustling the stirrups and so forth.  I stood waiting a bit for a reaction and then I finally got it.


Seriously filly?  She just turned her head around with all of my shenanigans and make a slow, drawn out yawn complete with eye roll. 

OK, point taken.

A few more carrots and back out into the field she went.  Hopefully she is as quiet under saddle when I start her as she is now.  We shall see.  She is a chestnut mare after all.


  1. Sounds like the filly is coming along nicely. Glad you are joining us and agreed, I don't think Equestrians take their fitness seriously enough (and I used to be one of them lol)


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