Saturday, December 20, 2014

The Quarter Sheet Story

Quarter Sheets

Nothing too exciting right?  A piece of fabric that goes over your horse's rump and if you're lucky, over your legs so if you live in the Arctic tundra like I do (or mostly how I feel), you won't immediately die from freezing temperatures in the riding arena.

I decided to introduce one to the filly.  Now she's pretty chill about new things.  There's a little tail cord on my quarter sheet to keep it from sliding too far forward.  After all, a naked horse rump without a quarter sheet isn't so cute, is it?

I put the quarter sheet on and mounted.  One ear flick.  Another ear flick.  She took a step forward.

What is this thing under my tail?  

You've worn a crupper.  You've done this before.

This is under my tail.  And you're on me.  When I'm stepping forward, it's going to crawl up my butt and I will die.

You will not die.

OK, I won't die.  But I'm not happy.

I'm fine with that.

I'm still not happy.

Just go work.  

OK, but every time it moves while I am trotting, I'm going to let you know about it. 

And she did.  It was just a ear flick and a couple pinned ears when it really jostled around.  By the end of the ride, it was a non issue, but this horse is so expressive about new things, she has to make a point to you about her opinions on things.

Good grief horse. I'm trying to keep your butt from freezing off and look fashionable at the same time.  Life isn't that hard, is it?   


  1. Aw love when we can have conversations with them like that. She is such a good girl taking new things in stride. What kind of quarter sheet did you go for? ☺

  2. Good for her. I plan to master the quarter sheet by next year. :) Brantley definitely thinks is going to kill him... Now many how many times he's had it. It's different when I'm on him. He thinks it's going to kill BOTH of us.

  3. Hehehe silly filly!! I wonder what Chrome would do with a quarter sheet......... it doesn't really get cold enough to need one here though. Maybe I can just use a blanket to see what he does. :D

  4. She REALLY wanted to make sure you knew her opinions :)


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