Thursday, December 25, 2014

Happy Holidays

I am looking forward to a few quiet days.  I worked yesterday and today, which is fine.

But a cool thing that occurred was that I submitted a couple photos online to a photo contest on the Arabian Horse Times.

The Arabian Horse Times shared this picture

Last time I looked it has over 1,000 shares and 35,000 likes.

Who knew?

Too bad it doesn't count towards the actual contest, but still neat to see.  

This handsome gentleman gelding is a purebred Arabian gelding with a national top ten title in reining and lots of other titles in sidesaddle, western, hunter pleasure, and more.  A truly versatile Arabian.

If anyone wants to take a peek and vote in the actual contest, please click here.

Hope everyone else is having a wonderful time


  1. Beautiful photos! ♡
    Happy Christmas and i hope life calms down enough over the holiday period for you to have plenty downtime with your girls

  2. Wow those are gorgeous! Merry Christmas!


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