Thursday, December 18, 2014

The Filly and the Obstacles

If people haven't noticed, my posting schedule has been a little bit more erratic.

My apologies.  My recent class schedule has been insane.  I have class twice a week and each class I was having four assignments, several lab reports, online practice quizzes, and a powerpoint presentation on some random immunology topic to present.

I'm pretty savvy and quick to pick up on things, but it was a little difficult to make non existent time come out of nowhere to finish all these things.

Sorry blog.  Small break until that madness was over.  Technically it's over tomorrow morning after my final.  The ponies have also been on a more-limited-schedule hiatus because of those shenanigans.

But without much adieus, onto the filly!

I rode her Monday evening.  I wasn't feeling very ambitious at first, but decided to set up some obstacles.  I had a raised pole, the bridge, two weave poles, and a blue barrel.

The long and short of it is that I decided to teach the filly to push barrels.  She used to do this on the ground, but a little bit different undersaddle.  What's the point?  Not sure if there is one. But in case there are any rogue barrels out there, we'll be sure to get them.

But it is nice instilling confidence in a young horse to handle various obstacles.  Plus, it's pretty fun that my filly is learning how to "neckrein" as in moving off my leg to kind of understand where I am now trying to steer her.  Also, a third cool point is that I can use my camera phone on my young horse, take video, and be mostly certain I am not going to die doing this.

What are some more obstacles I should work on for next time?  :)  Any favorites for you and your horse?


  1. Best of luck wit the exam ill keep everything crossed for you

  2. Good luck with the exam!!

    Your filly is so cute. :D I like the video.

    Do you have ground poles? You could set up stuff like in trail classes and work on sidepass over a pole or backing between poles, stuff like that. I really need poles! I also really need to work on all of the ACTHA stuff if I ever want to do CTR. So much to do and so little time hehe.


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