Thursday, September 4, 2014

Horse Show: Part Three

This two year old stallion I showed, kept doing this.  What a dweeb.

I'm sure there's maybe one or two people out there wondering, what gives?  Why do I keep dragging this out?

Well, OK...let's progress to Sunday.

Sunday morning brought about a couple of halter placings for the filly.  The Sunday judge was much more efficient and was done judging halter in a very reasonable hour with even enough time for people to take lunch.  Amazing.

My friends and I tacked up the Filly and the Mare.  The filly's typical rider was around and was able to ride her in a couple of classes and I entered the Mare in a couple walk/trot classes.  Nothing very exciting, but her canter needs work on any given day, plus the fact that cantering is harder on her since doing the splits on the ice and injuring herself a few years ago...

The first walk/trot class seemed fairly uneventful. 

Outside of the ring, there was an older lady mounting on her daughter's horse.  I am still not sure of a lot of the details, but while she was reaching down for her reins, the horse started going back towards the barn.  I don't know how it all happened, but she ended up going over the horse's shoulder.  She was just wearing one of those hunt style caps without a chin strap, so she ended up injuring herself on the hard packed gravel outside of the ring.

There happened to be an ER doctor in the ring with us at the time, who flew out of the ring to assist the fallen rider.  The loose horse was caught.  Time seemed to stand still for a period of time.

The show was halted as EMS was called.  Horses had to be moved inside as they called for a helicopter to move her. 

We tried to stay busy.  I helped look for her purse and cell phone in her tack stall.  Others began to take down their stall drapes and pack up the items as it was clear this was not an easy fall.  Together, the horse show family at the show came together.

Drivers volunteered to help take the horses home.  Family was called.  The helicopter landed and she was moved safely.

And all we can do is hope.

She survived the night and had bad contusions on the brain.  I believe she also had bleeds on the brain as well.  I am hoping for a favorable update.  When our equestrian family hurts, we all hurt.

So in amidst this chaos and confusion, the show continued.

The SFM ended up with a few ribbons in the large walk/trot classes.  I can occasionally pretend to even ride a horse.  Who knew?

A good surprise was that the Filly ended up with a 2nd place ribbon out of 10 horses in one of her classes!  She also had a few 3rds in her canter classes, but is still working out her transitions.  But her behavior was excellent.  Good beginnings to her undersaddle career.

So, now I think of one family who in a brief moment had their life turned upside down.  Good thoughts and prayers for Sue and her family.


  1. Falls like that are always terrifying -- hoping she heals up quickly!

  2. That is so scary :( I hope she ends up being okay. A good reminder to wear a helmet that is certified with a chin strap.

  3. So sad. :( Hope she is okay and inspires others to wear a certified helmet in the future.

  4. What a day, my prayers and thoughts are with the family of that woman while simultaneously being very proud of your girls for their grown up performances in trying times.

  5. Oh god that's terrible. There was a western pleasure rider standing outside the arena and spurred her horse who proceeded to rear and flip over on the girl... No helmet. Crazy.

  6. That's awful! I hope she's okay! I also hope she wears a helmet with a chin strap from now on...


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