Saturday, September 20, 2014

Life in the Fast Lane

Still hanging in there!  Getting some help and some meds here, so let's see how this goes.

Last weekend, I went up to camp.  I was hoping to trail ride and evaluate the herd.  I did take a look at the herd, but the heavy rain made the trails pretty slippery, so instead I spent a few hours chopping burdock and doing lead line pony rides.

I did, however, take a few videos of horses for some people I know that were possibly interested in leasing horses.  The camp has winter facilities for their horses, but does lease them out in the off season to good homes, which is usually a win for the horse and a win for the camp.  

As I stood, I went back up to camp today with a person to look at one of the horses for lease.   I think it will work out, so very exciting for horse and human!

Besides that, life keeps running.  It is hard to keep going sometimes, but not too much choice.  I had a final exam Thursday, so I was hoping my job would be semi-humane and be out by 9 or so (my end time is 6), so I could have a few minutes to look at my notes. Unfortunately, I ended up getting out after 10 pm and had to go in early Thursday morning, so not so much time to study before work.

So time to jump in the deep end and wing it!

It ended up being OK.  I don't have the lab grade back, but I ended up with an 88% or so on the written final, so not too bad, I think.  I'd rather perfection, but sometimes, have to go with what I got.  ;)

I had a few good rides on The Mare this week.  She had been a little stiff after the show, so I let her have some time off, but she seemed happy to be back in work. 

I rode the filly once too.  I think she does need a bit of an adjustment, as her posture and her ability to go on her left lead is a lot more sticky right now.  It's on the "to do" list.  Good question is whether to do massage or chiro first?  Any input?

Another class done in my program.  Keep on swimming.  Only nine more months or so to go.  


  1. "Just keep swimming" has been my mantra since the movie came out hahaha. Wish you were more this way, I'd send my girl Ciara to you. <- She's amazing. Good that you're keeping your head up! Keep it going!! 88 isn't bad at all.

  2. Massage, then Chiro, then Massage again if you can. 88 is fab!

  3. I agree with the others. 88 is great! Perfectionism is tough to ignore though (I'm the same way). So trust us, you did great! :D I hope things settle down and look up soon for you.


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