Friday, November 25, 2016

The Saddle Fitting Trials

I have a feeling that this isn't going to be one of those open and shut cases.

The other year, I ended up with a lovely saddle that had an adjustable genesis tree.  It was comfy and seemed to fit the horses well enough. 

But there seemed to be a problem. 

My lower leg would keep creeping forward.  I worked hard to fight this and thought's just in the way I'm riding.  My equitation needs a lot of help.  I know this.

I also fought the way my leg lay on the horse.  My lower leg turns out and I felt physically unable to drape my lower leg quietly against my horses.

So about eight or nine months ago, I decided to see if the tack store that sold me my saddle would be able to help me out.  The owner is incredibly sweet and willing to work with me.

I wanted to basically be able to trade my saddle without involving an even crazier sum of money.  Unfortunately, I am a tall person, just shy of 6 foot with a very long leg.  Also unfortunately, I ride smaller horses with short backs.   I also didn't (and don't) have the budget for a new, nice fancy $5,000 saddle.

So, the other day I got a message that she finally had a saddle for me to try!  Hooray!

I'm not sure if I'm totally sold yet, but I have a Frank Baines Elegance on trial.  It is quite deep and seems to fit the ponies. 

Now, for me, I'm not quite sure.  Leg seems somewhat improved at the trot and canter, but it is still creeping forward at the walk.

I also still need a lot of work on balancing myself at the canter.  But sorry for blurry video stills.  This is what you get.  ;)

But definite pros are that despite Chili's random skitters, I didn't move out of the tack.  The seat seems comfortable.  It has a nice "Y" girthing system to adjust pressure on forward groove horses. 

Cons are the creeping leg and whether it will still be suitable if little narrow Chili fills out more.  She is five, so I am not sure how much more she will plump up.  I am hoping a little bit so that she will take up more of my leg, but who knows.

I had my friend take some photos to pass back to the fitter along with my concerns.

So we'll see how this version of the Saddle Fitting Trials turns out.

But in other news, I decided to work with asking Chili to bow the other night.  I think we are making progress!

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  1. Saddle fitting is so, incredibly hard. I kind of went with fit for my horse over fit for me -- I love my saddle, but it does put my leg a bit farther forward than ideal.


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