Monday, November 21, 2016

Almost Famous

A few months ago, I decided to write a short recap of my adventure showing a friend's stallion last minute at Nationals, where he ended up being Reserve National Champion.

Horse & Rider has a small column/section for readers submitting their own stories, so I thought why not?  I emailed the editor and off we went.  She contacted me and liked the story and a few months later, emailed me again with a more condensed version of my story, since I do like to be a bit wordy and occasional ramble.  Anyone reading my blog shouldn't be surprised on the rambling.  Sorry.

A random friend of a friend picked up her copy of Horse & Rider and read the article before I even knew it was published.  Quite a surprise to receive a message on Facebook regarding the story I didn't know was out.  :)

So, as my husband says, I'm "almost famous" now with my tiny 900 word recap in Horse & Rider.

Pick it up if you like from your local story or check in the library.  Let me know what you think. 

It is certainly enjoyable to write and I am looking forward to hopefully writing more articles in the future.  I do currently provide some content to the Morab registry and local magazines, but I'd like to have something nationally published sometime!


Please leave a comment if you like. I love hearing from readers and would like to know that I am not always talking to myself. ;)