Sunday, October 2, 2016

Ireland: Part 1

I missed out on a lot of memories and events from the past year.  One of my favorites was the trip to Ireland.  I have some photos to share.  My apologies in advance.


It all started when I randomly saw a Groupon in my email.  Usually I thinking nothing of it, but the price seemed almost too good to be true and it included airfare.  I had always wanted to travel to Europe, so I showed it to the husband.  We had to find two more people so he managed to convince his mother and aunt to join in and we were booked.


Ten days in Ireland, starting with flying into Dublin.  Our hotel for most of the stay was in a very adorable city, Adare.  It was lovely and picturesque, but a fair drive from Dublin.   

To break up the drive, it was suggested that I find an activity that we could do that was partway between Adare and Dublin.  I promptly found the Irish National Stud.  

In case you can't tell from the photos, there are a plethora of mares and foals there, along with some high caliber Thoroughbred stallions.   

Too much cuteness

Besides the horses, the grounds at the Stud is absolutely amazing.  They have a fantastic Japanese garden and beautiful landscaping and paths to just wander.
This is my family's favorite photo from the trip.  Duck butts.  Seriously
Swans.  So fancy

So this was part of day one in Ireland.  I strongly recommend stopping by if you're in the area, or quite frankly the country.  :) 


  1. Yay - so glad Ireland was good to you. Adare is in a beautiful part of the country!

    1. I want to go back! Absolutely beautiful. I have so many more photos I need to share.


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