Sunday, September 20, 2015

Whirlwind Part I

Last week was an incredible whirlwind.

I am still working on getting the ropes at my new job.  I do various functions in the laboratory.  The most recent department I trained in is blood banking, which is responsible for matching and issuing blood products like blood, plasma, and platelets. 

Sounds simple?

Some days.  But my luck isn't very lucky.  Some people have antibodies that like to attack other red blood cells, so it basically turns a short easy test into a long endeavor which reminds me of a mixture of a crossword puzzle and a Sudoku puzzle.  

Tuesday was mostly a quiet day at work until about half an hour before I needed to leave to catch my flight.  Then the problems began...

Fortunately, I was able to get most of the things wrapped up and my awesome co-workers stepped in so I could drive like a slightly mad hatter to catch my flight.

Then, there's the whole luck thing again.

There was a massive car accident in the city between my workplace and the airport.  I decided to wing it to figure out how to go around.  My GPS was very unhappy, protesting every half mile that I needed to "make a U-Turn". 

Sorry GPS.  I have a flight to catch.

I parked at the airport, ran like a madperson and made it to the terminal with ten minutes to spare.  Hurray!  Problem one solved.

I soon arrived in Raleigh.  I was still in my work and un-lucky haze wandering through the airport when someone grabbed me.  I was a little confused and then realized that my best friend and husband were standing there.

They decided to purchase ridiculously cheap airfare ($50, seriously?) and surprise me.  Surprised I was!

So, after working a full day, dashing through various airports and across a state, I started the beginning of my 24 hour trip to Raleigh...

Stay tuned for Part II


  1. Wow I'm glad you got out of the office and caught your flight on time. That's so cool that your friends surprised you (although grabbing you in an airport was probably mildly terrifying for a second haha).


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