Tuesday, September 29, 2015

The Unlucky Horse

There are some weeks, I feel like I own a Very Unlucky Horse.

This is one of those weeks.  Last week was too. 

It's never a good sign when your barn owner calls you at work.  Fortunately, Chili will be OK, but the summary of the situation is in some Mysterious Horse Fashion she managed to take a chunk out of the medial (inside) part of her stifle area.  Fortunately, she missed the stifle proper.

I've decided not to post the before picture.  It's kind of gross, unless you enjoy those types of photos.  I have a lot of these photos on my  phone, but I'm slowly learning it's not polite to share these images with the average person.

Chili ended up on a few days of stall rest.  For an exuberant four year old, it was moderately painful.  But she made it through it.  She's back outside on turnout, as long as she behaves...

Now a week into this ordeal, it looks like my horse's leg won't fall off at any moment, which I would say is a major plus.  ;) 

But it's certainly isn't Chili's summer.  She's had a dog attack, a kick to the face, and this Mysterious Horse Injury within three months. 

Poor horse.  Maybe bad luck for horses comes in threes as well.

As for me, I'm hoping this emergency vet bill will also come in under a "three" too.  ;)  


  1. Oh no poor Chilli, hopefully her luck has since turned around and is on more of a positive upswing!

  2. Ugh! That sucks. I hope it is in threes and that she's DONE for... I don't know three years haha! I'm glad she's okay. :)


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