Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Looking Back

Shows are sometimes a good time to look back and see the progress that's been made and what still lays ahead.

I took Chili to a local open show this past weekend.  Unlike many open shows, this show attracts a lot of horses that do show on the breed and rated circuits, so it's nice to have beautiful, high caliber horses.

It's also run by a friend of mine, so that's a perk.  Sort of.  It also means running interference, dealing with crazy people, and trying to overcome the major introvert personality to help manage the show.

But it was a good experience.

However, back to reflecting.  See, I'm off topic already.

In my weekend of reflections, I realized that I am lucky to have a nice horse that puts up with my shenanigans on dragging her to a show when I have not properly ridden in the past four weeks.  She puts up with my unstable aids as I am obviously not fit from not riding, but also struggling to keep my grip even on the side with the injured shoulder.

I also poorly planned things, so that meant that I just tacked up and rode my horse right before the class.  Good thing, she's my semi feral little four year old chestnut Arabian mare.  

We've had a summer of setbacks, that's for sure.  But as I finished my last class on Sunday, which was an open sporthorse under saddle class, I realized that I am truly lucky to have my little mare who was game to try, despite both of our setbacks.  She really wanted to do what I asked her to do and for that, I need to see how far we've come, versus how far we have yet to go.


  1. I'm super guilty of not ""stopping to smell the roses" -- it seems so much easier to focus on what we have yet to do, versus all that we've accomplished! Yet you and Chili have both come so far and done so much to be proud of. I'm glad you're taking some time to remember that :D

  2. She sounds like such a gem of a girl being so good. Just goes to show all the good work you two have done in the past has paid off & stood to her ☺

  3. She is so gorgeous! You guys look awesome. I'm glad you have such a gem too. :D Thanks for the reminder to appreciate what we have and what we've done when it's so easy to get caught up in what we still need to do.


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