Sunday, February 15, 2015

Confidence EQ Review

Donni is a very sweet mare.  She can also be a bit of a worrier and sensitive.  Previously, while moving, she would pace and worry a bit in a new environment.

I went ahead and sent in for a trial sample of Confidence EQ.  Confidence EQ is based on pheromones that a mare secretes to sooth their foal. 

It certainly seemed to be worth a shot.  So, in the bitter cold, I went out and applied the gel to her nose.  The goal is to apply it on the nose/nostrils, but not up inside the mucous membranes thirty minutes before the stressful activity.

The trial: the move to the new barn. 

Donni was a bit fussy loading onto the trailer and I was worried about her coming off wet in the windy, frigid weather.  To my surprise, she unloaded well and came off quietly from the trailer. 

I put her in a stall to hang out while I got some things organized.  She quietly just put her head down and started eating hay.  When I went ahead and turned her out, she wandered around and that was it.

No pacing.  No calling.  No fussy behaviors.  The most lackluster move I have seen her do in a while.


For those people that have horses that can be a little bit of a worrier, this product may certainly be worth a trial to see if it will help.  It certainly isn't a "drug" in the sense of making a horse drowsy or unable to respond, but just helps remove some of the excess worry.

So if you would like to give it a shot, head on over and visit this link


  1. Glad to hear that she handled it all in stride. Interesting product, here's hoping I can remember it if/when I send Kika back to Ireland for mommy-tirement

  2. Wow that is so cool!! I'll file it away for future use in case I ever need it. Chrome does stress in the trailer so it might be worth a shot for that when I ever get my trailer working again. :)


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