Friday, February 13, 2015

A New Year and New Names

A very young semi feral filly

When I first started blogging, for whatever reason, I kept my horse's names under wraps.  It's pretty easy to figure out a person from the horse's names, so I thought at first, I'd keep referring to them as the Semi Feral Mare and the Filly.

Well of course, I do call them that in real life, however, in this New Year, I realize that I refer to my horse's names online all the time.

So why not in the blog.

So introducing their real names.



So a new year, new names for the Semi Ferals!  Lots more to update.  So glad to be back with everyone!


  1. I knew their names from before but totally forgot i knew them and embraces SFM & SFF when reading your blogpost *blush*

  2. I saw Chili's name somewhere, but not Donni's, so it's nice to officially "meet" them hehe. I'm so used to them being SFM and SFF that it will probably take me a while to remember their names hehe. I try hard to retain my internet anonymity, but I have a feeling people could find me if they tried. I'm too lazy to try to stalk and find out who people really are lol. If they want me to know they just have to tell me because I'm not going to make the effort to find out for myself. :) If anyone has figured out who I am they haven't tried to find me or kill me yet so I guess it's all good hehe.


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