Thursday, January 2, 2014

Rewind A Little

The Holidays were a little insane in my world.  Not so much because I was out and about doing holiday things like drinking egg nog, but rather because I was working an insane amount of overtime.

So, I wanted to rewind a little and catch up on some cool horsey things I did and failed to mention since by the time I get home, I just pass out instead of blogging.  Shame I know.  Blogging first, then REM sleep right?

I went to go visit J and that sweet rescued mare Love.  I always forget what an incredible joy it is to ride a well broke, made horse.  I just briefly rode her and worked on canter striding over ground poles, but still a great feeling.  Plus, she is so incredibly smooth that I am happy as a lark.  Or any other random bird.

Love a little Love!

I had a chance to go and take photos of my friend's beautiful horses.  Both are some awesome western/reining horses, but they certainly don't look that way when out in the snow.

This is really a reining horse. 
I rode another friend's horse at the same barn.  He is a nephew to one of my favorite horse's ever (Alex) who is frequently mentioned in this blog.  Just like his uncle, he moves quite similar.  Hate to say it, but breeding tells.

Rode my semi feral mare a few times.  It's been so cold that I have been focusing on extended warm ups and doing more bending and counterbending, just at the walk.

The whole subzero/frozen tundra thing is kind of putting a damper on riding frequently.

The semi feral filly has been the recent problem child and has been very stocked up on three of her four legs.  Good thing she only has four legs to stock up.  Anyway, she's been on a regiment of forced exercise and banamine.  At least it doesn't look like I am dealing with anything more serious like cellulitis, but the whole exercise/banamine thing does get a little tedious when it's so pathetically frozen here.

So I have taken up just running around the arena with my horse.  Last night she hid behind the shavings pile in the corner.  I am not sure if she didn't want to trot around anymore or if she didn't want to be seen with the lunatic.

Probably a little of both.

So that's the skinny for the last two missing weeks!  Anyone else do anything fun and exciting while I've been on hiatus?


  1. Nope. Way too cold. Right now, it is -1 and only getting colder.
    My horse thinks I am a lunatic, too. Although, now, she just looks at me, drops her head and keeps doing what she was doing because she is used to it and maybe a little embarrassed. :)

  2. I just love all your photos of the horses in the snow. It's such a novel thing to me since there is no snow here :)


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