Saturday, January 18, 2014

On This Day

On this day in 1943, Bakers stopped selling sliced bread in the US until the end of the war.  

Who knew?

Not nearly as cool as sliced bread was my day today.  It was an enjoyable weekend, after working for too many days straight.  I made a priority to go and see the horses and actually enjoy spending time.

Thursday and Friday, I put the western saddle on the semi feral mare since she has had a good deal of time off with the whole polar vortex thing. 

She lived up to her name sake.

But then that got me thinking.  Today, we rode and she was much better.  I put her in side reins and the surcingle for a few minutes beforehand until she was stretching and taking contact.  Then I put the dressage saddle on and rode her that way--puffy snow clothes on all.  When I mean puffy snow clothes, I mean Carhartts, thermals, skate tights, and jeans.  Not quite so much contact that way.

But my line of thought was if she was more comfortable in the dressage saddle or the saddle pad.  I'll have to switch the pad out next time and see.  The saddle pad is a back on track pad. 

She was just much happier to around and actually stretch down into contact and be a whole lot less tight. 

Both saddles fit reasonably well.  They do fit a little bit better in the spring/summer/fall before she looks like a Goodyear Blimp.  She's eating a little well this winter. 

But I would say fit is pretty much equal between the saddles, so maybe the pads.  Dressage pad like I said is the Back on Track pad.  The western pad is a Billy Cook Gel Pad with a felt bottom. 

So maybe next time I'll use the dressage saddle with a typical dressage pad and see what horse I get as far as being tight or not.  Just food for thought.

The filly did pretty well tonight too.  I went ahead and lunged her in the saddle with the surcingle over the top.  She was bitted, but also had the lunging cavesson on over the bridle with side reins.  Poor girl thought it was a lot of hardware.  But she was pretty good.  She hasn't had the bit in too many times since she just recently had her wolf teeth pulled.

New task I think.  Get baby used to being bitted.  I have an apple mouth boucher and a french link loose ring set up for her.  I have to dig through the bit box to see if she may have something else she prefers.  I know that people usually prefer having the young horses start in a solid D ring or Eggbutt, but I just don't know if there is enough space in her tiny little mouth without a multi piece bit (ie french link or something similar).  Thoughts anyone?

How about you guys?  What type of saddle pads do you typically work in?  Notice a difference?


  1. When I ride with an english/dressage saddle I have a lami-cell pad that I used. I recently let my friend try it on her OTTB because she was just riding with a standard A/P pad from Dover. We both saw/felt a difference having that little bit of extra underneath him and I know my thoroughbred always appreciated it. Helps fill in the gaps if your saddle doesn't fit 100% (some of us aren't that lucky). I really like Diamond Wool pads for my barrel saddle but I am using a contour-pedic I picked up that my QH really does well in. Also for starting in the bit, I've heard different things like Happy Mouth snaffles and just regular snaffles. I guess it depends on your hand set and what you're looking for. If you just want to get something in her mouth, Happy Mouth isn't a bad idea :)

  2. I use BoT as well, and on Carlos it was really the only pad that made him comfortable.


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