Thursday, January 23, 2014

As The Luck Turns

In a prior post, I mentioned that I am often incredibly lucky.  Everyone sitting around and I would be the person that doesn't win.

Well, apparently my luck may be changing.

In fact, I went to the company holiday party which is a feat in itself.  But free food and a chance to win something, so off I went.  And win I did.  I won a brownie maker.  Alas, I am allergic to chocolate.

But still, I won.

And then, today I won a 1973 Arabian Yearbook.  I am such an incredible nerd that I would do a back flip if 1. my back didn't hurt and 2. I could do back flips.  I never could.

But I won this too, so there you go.

And in another amazing stroke of luck, I have a super awesome friend who keeps being mentioned on this blog.  Well J got up early to go to a sale at a tack store because I was doing a lame thing like working.  So, she managed to swoop in and find a new full seat pair of Pikeur breeches for $49.  That's almost like winning a prize, isn't it?

I am so excited.  Can't wait to try them on.  Apparently, I need to ride hunt seat again or something along those lines.

So despite the plunge into arctic temperatures again putting a damper on horse time, I am quite pleased with recent adventures.   Tomorrow it's supposed to be oh say, 12 degrees so that sounds like perfect riding weather to me.  :) 

Hopefully I didn't manage to use up all my lucky winnings in one fell swoop here.

How about you?  Any good finds, wins, buys, or rides lately?


  1. You're allergic to CHOCOLATE?! How are you still alive???

    1. LOL. My husband says this is the root of my problems.

      I am just a major fan of sugar instead. Sugar, sugar, sugar.


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