Friday, March 31, 2017

Liberty Work

Clearly not at liberty, although Chili wishes she was

Here is a short clip taken off my cell phone of some of the sort of things we have been working on at liberty.  I've been having hip and SI issues so riding has been difficult.

Here are some of the things we've been working (but obviously not perfected yet):

-Standing up and reaching for halter, which she already knew
-Turns on the haunches aka perhaps we will be able to do showmanship some day
-Turns on the forehand
-Lining up at liberty at the mounting block
-Bowing on the right leg, which is her off leg and a lot more difficult
-Touching the terrifying flag or anything else that flaps and makes her anxious

Any suggestions for other things to do?  I want to teach her to lay down, but my attempts so far have been unsuccessful.  She doesn't lay down often, so asking her to do it on cue isn't very simple.


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  1. Great list so far! You can add walking over/through different obstacles, jumping jumps, and weaving poles.


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