Saturday, February 18, 2017

One of Those Days

Horses are such fragile creatures.  A thousand pounds on top of a tiny springing foot. 

They allow us to do incredible things to them and with them.  Strap things to them, climb on them, drag things behind them, pet them, cry into their manes, jump fences, and pull plows.

To some, they are just livestock.  They serve a purpose and are a piece of equipment.

To others, like my friend, they are a member of the family.  The first foal she welcomed into this world and sadly not the first she helped guide out of this world, but certainly one of the most important in her life.

The horse that introduced hundreds to horses.  The horse that was the patient teacher in the show ring, the lesson arena, and later as a therapeutic riding horse.  Veterans, children it didn't matter.  She took care of them all.  She was the grandmother to young weanlings in her patient ways.  They would try to nurse and she would gently nudge them and say, no there's hay over here.  Let's go.  

My heart always breaks when one of these special, fragile creatures leaves us.  Ten years, twenty years, thirty years doesn't seem sufficient. 

What words come close to even saying what needs to be said?  

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