Tuesday, December 13, 2016

10 Questions

Borrowed from Viva Carlos

Does your horse need shoes?
I have two.  Both are barefoot.  I show Chili barefoot which is probably unusual on the breed circuit. I have hoof boots for trail riding, but haven't used them on the trails I've done so far in this area.

What do you think of the barefoot vs shoes debate?
  To be honest, I enjoy barefoot because it's cost efficient. I would have shoes if necessary, but as long as the horse is comfortable and moving well, I don't see the point.  I do make an effort to maintain feet between religiously scheduled trims. 

I absolutely dislike excessive pads and hose clamps on shoes.  Sorry horse show friends.  I don't like the look and I don't understand how anyone wants a 4.5 inch foot on an Arabian, unless it's a rare 16 hand horse. 

Horses need what is comfortable and therapeutic for that horse.  Sometimes people do what isn't especially fair to the horse in the name of "therapy" in terms of keeping a horse quasi-sound enough to show and I am not sure how to draw those lines.

Favorite season for riding?
Late summer is nice when the bugs are dying back and it's still comfortably warm.  Spring usually is a muddy mess.

How many shows do you think you’ve gone to?
The first rated show I went to was in 2012.  I did a trail trial in 2005 before that.  I would have to count, but I would actually imagine around a dozen, including catch handling.  I work a lot of weekends which cuts into shows.

I do try and watch a fair amount of bits and pieces online.

Do you consider yourself a good rider?
Older I get, the less competent I am.  I've been on a lot of horses, but I have a lack of finesse.  I have totally ridden quite a few unpleasant animals along the way and helped civilize them, so that probably counts for something. 

How experienced do you think someone needs to be to own a horse?
I'm not sure how to rank experience.  Too many people have years of experience and little common sense.  Some jump in with excellent guidance and are wonderful owners.

Have you ever gotten into a fight with your trainer?
No, don't have a particular trainer.  I love riding with some coaches, but don't have monetary budget to allow much more than occasional coaching sessions. 

Describe your dream horse.
I think it's be pretty awesome to own a dressage schoolmaster.  Can I order it in bay with four white feet and a blaze?
Does anyone in your family ride?
My brother can ride and rode a bit in the camp setting.  My dad and grandmother both can ride, but don't so often.  My mother rode a bit while she was young.  No one else is heavily involved in horses.  My grandparents bred and raised horses for some period of time.

If you could ride any horse in the world, which one would it be? why?

Not sure!  I think it would be pretty cool to ride some very nice finished reiners. 

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  1. Ah the "older I get the less competent I am" reminds me of this saying I saw in the cafe in college which was "Soon you learn more about less and less and before you know it you know everything about nothing!"


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