Thursday, September 26, 2013

When it Rains, It Pours but I Just Need an Umbrella

Usually when bad luck strikes, it tends to be in the way of major vet bills.  So I do have to be grateful that there hasn't been any of those issues yet.  But good grief, this week has been unrelenting in just absolute nonsense on work front and some other personal things.

But, I am striving to look forward to the future.

I was naughty and didn't ride today or yesterday.  I did however, at least get a short run in with the dog and came to this conclusion: I am still out of shape.  The dog is also out of shape and after almost a mile of running, he had sideways tongue and we had to quit.

Why does sideways tongue determine when we quit?  You see, our pet Labrador is a bit special and he cannot hang his tongue out sideways and run.  He invariably ends up biting it and dribbles blood down the sidewalk and I end up getting hateful looks from the neighbors sitting around in the subdivision.

So that was a short run.

But, at least better than nothing.

I told the Semi Feral Mare that I sent in entry forms the other day.


I don't think she was impressed.  She was fairly lazy the other day when I rode her so hopefully that's a good sign.  Next goal: make circles look more like circles and less like eggs.  Although I am quite certain that describing them as eggs might be generous.

Geometry may not be my strong suit.  

But sometimes I need to push myself past the comfort zone.  It's easy to say I can't do something, so we will go to this show.  I will be able to handle my work and still figure out how to fit in riding and those other things that life occasionally requires. 


  1. Gosh I'm smart... NOT. When you realize your EqFriends are your BlogFriends too.

  2. It's all good! There are times when I find myself in reality staring at someone for a little longer than I should be and then I realize that I know them...from work. Apparently people look different in a different environment.

    And I call my horse dumb when she gives me the eye when I move a bucket from one place to another.


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