Wednesday, September 18, 2013

I had another good day working with the two semi feral critters.  First, I worked the filly in hand and ground drove her around the farm and to the outdoor.  Apparently the gate to the outdoor is more than a little intimidating because that's the one thing that gave her pause.  

I rode the semi feral mare as well.  Just a bunch of trot circles and working on accepting a steady contact and trying to keep my hands from creeping down onto her neck.  Easier said than done, usually.  But all in all, she was quite well behaved.

I'm thinking about going all out crazy and taking her to a schooling show in a few weeks.  I should decide soon, but, I figure we only live once and why not in a low key environment.  Then I can just work my way up from that experience, right?  I'd just be doing intro A or B I think.  Nothing too incredibly fancy.  

And I am quite dismayed on how furry the horses are already!  I'm not ready for winter to be here soon.  I still need to get my horse blankets cleaned first! 

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