Saturday, January 21, 2017

New Year New Goals

I've had dozens of posts ruminating around in my head lately.  Unfortunately, I don't like typing on my phone and often don't sit down at the laptop to get them into digital format.

However, I did finally want to write down my 2017 goals so they can be official.

2017 Goals

*Take at least one lesson a month.  As a DIY, I rarely ride with instruction.  Part of it is time and part of it is financial.
* Improve my high school in training level dressage.  I am sure this will tie into goal #1.
*Trailer out to the trails at least twice this spring/summer season
*Be able to back said trailer like a pro.  Or at least less like a whiny person.
*Cross train twice a week, whether that is crunches, yoga, etc
*Blog twice a week.  I'll really have to settle into this one to get it done.  I have lots of ideas, but I think I"ll have to write and then queue them in order to have them released. 

That's it.  Perhaps I'll break down further goals as things go along, but they will require some work!

What are some of your goals?  How are you doing so far this year?


  1. Backing my trailer like a whiny person happens to be my specialty.


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