Saturday, July 4, 2015

Call Me Lucky

Of course, life has been crazy.

But I'll keep this brief. 

Thursday, I was called at work and told that a pitbull had attacked Chili and another horse and I needed to come.  She had an injured hind leg.

I of course, immediately went to the worse extremes and picture my poor, sweet little filly laying on the ground eviscerated or a tendon severed, or what have you.

We were extraordinarily lucky.  The dog was persistent, despite my barn owner's father being present the entire time.  She attacked and harassed and chased the horses for more than an hour. 

The horses were wet, scared, and upset, but extremely lucky.  Chili, because she is a sensitive princess, was wearing her heavy duty Kensington sheet.  I think it certainly helped save her from worse injuries.  It has teeth mark, claw marks, and blood from the dog on it.

Chili just has a laceration on her left hind and abrasions on her nose, along with various small nicks and scrapes from flying around the paddock at warp speed.  She is so lucky indeed.

Lucky Girl
In my state,the owners are liable for damages.  I doubt they are going to willingly pay the vet bills, so we will see how this progresses.  I am dogged and relentless though.

So sad for the dog, that she had an owner that was improperly supervising her and couldn't handle her appropriately.  The dog is currently in rabies quarantine and hopefully will not be returned to the owners.

Keep tuned, I am sure for more dog drama updates...


  1. Yikes what a nightmare, I'm so glad no none was more seriously hurt. Loose/uncontrollable dogs are such a liability.
    Sending healing vibes to Chilli & i hope evrything works out for the best re:payment & for the dog

  2. That is awful!!!!!! I'm so glad Chili is okay!! If I'd been there I would have shot that dog (and I love dogs and even pitbulls)! It's actually legal here if a dog is after livestock. I can't believe it chased them for an hour!! Makes me so angry. I hate stupid irresponsible dog owners!


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