Friday, June 27, 2014

Blog Hop: The Simple Life

Another blog hop from Viva Carlos.  :) 

Other than money, what would make your horse life simpler? 

A better/different job.  My commute isn't bad compared to some, but it's still about half an hour (or a lot more when it snows....) from home to work and about 40 minutes to 50 minutes from work to the barn. 

But my job has some pretty long and weird hours. 

Basically it goes like this.  I work Sunday to Thursday which sounds cool.  Sunday I start about 8, except I have a part time job at a vet clinic so I am out the door a lot earlier to do clinic check before starting work.  Go to work.  Do my thing.  Except, I won't be done after 8 hours.  :( 

Monday, I work at 5.  See the issue here if I don't get done Sunday until later?  It basically means I cannot go to the barn Sunday PM since I'd get very little sleep with all that driving, let alone actual pony time.  Usually I get done with work Monday about I try and go out after then.

Tuesday through Thursday I start at 9:30 am and am usually working until 9 or later.  I have actually been there past midnight more than once.  I am fortunate that my barn doesn't have set barn hours, but I just run out of energy to go ride that late, although I do try and make it out Thursday evening when it doesn't matter if I get up first thing Friday morning.

There are some issues with the physical aspects of the work.  Lots of standing in one place with poor ergonomics.  Repetitive motions.  Long hours.

The pay isn't really spectacular either.

So rinse and repeat. 

It makes it hard to try and make plans with other friends to ride because the schedule and hours can be so long. 

So to simplify my life, I'd like one of those mythical 9-5 jobs.  Maybe even working from home.  ;)  A true unicorn indeed.  :)  Bonus would be a pay increase.

How about you?  How would you simplify your life?


  1. Oh wow that is some crazy hours!!!! My husband used to work rotating day/night security shift work and it a was awful! We never saw each other. With my work schedule we would sometimes go days without seeing each other even living in the same house! So yes weird work schedules do make things difficult. He finally found one of those mythical 9 to 5 jobs (actually 7:30 to 4:30) so don't give up hope. It does happen. :D

    1. Yeah, last summer at the same place, I worked the early AM shift which basically meant similar schedule Sun/Monday and then 4 AM Tuesday through Thursday. My husband works second shift so I literally never saw him.

      We both became really cranky on that schedule, so I went back to the "day" shift, which is marginally better, but alas, less pony time.

    2. Yeah that schedule is not good for a marriage!!!! I'm glad you were able to get back on a similar shift as him, but less pony time is no fun.... :(


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